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Top 7 most popular automatic cars

Top 7 most popular automatic cars

Saffron Wilson

Saffron Wilson

  • 29 May, 2020
  • 6 min read

Automatic gearboxes are now found in virtually every type of car, so finding the most popular automatic cars on the used market of the hundreds of choices available out there proved to be a bit of an eye opener.

Auto is most known for being great for longer commutes and therefore is more commonly featured on premium cars. This is why you may see more luxurious motors in this list. But, don’t worry if you’re not in the market for these, we’ve included some other popular types of car too!

Volkswagen Golf

The Volkswagen Golf has a model for the petrol heads (TSI), the diesel lovers (TDI), acceleration cravers (GTI/GTD/R), the penny pinchers (GTE) and everything in-between! Which, in turn, makes it a great all round vehicle.

The Golf came in 6th on the top 10 automatic cars we sold at CarShop in 2018. Our customers said that it was a good “all round car”, it was easy to drive but some found the boot space a little compromised.

The Volkswagen Polo has the same DSG gearbox. So, if you’re looking for a funky automatic to get you around town, then the Polo has proven to be highly popular. It’s also worth noting that the Polo was featured in our most popular hatchback blog too!

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BMW 3 Series

The 3 Series was the most sold automatic car in CarShop in 2018. And it’s clear to see why!

Similarly to the Golf, there are lots of options to choose from with the 3 Series, which may be why it was the top of our list. You can choose from estates, coupes, and a wide range of engines if you’re after fuel economy or power, and since it’s a BMW it’ll be crammed full of luxurious extras too.

It is worth mentioning that the 3 Series diesel touring was also in our top 10 most sold automatic cars at number 9!

The 5 Series also came up in our top 10 most sold in 2018 in at number 4. So BMW really are popular when it comes to their automatic cars.

Our customers that bought a BMW said they liked its reliability and comfort but said it wasn’t the easiest car for driving around town. But this makes sense, as an automatic is perfect for long commutes, and most of our customers bought one for this purpose!

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Jaguar XF

The diesel version of the XF saloon was CarShop’s 8thmost popular automatic car in 2018.

Another premium pick for the most popular automatics, the XF shone out above the rest of the Jaguar range. Some diesel models can get up to 70.6mpg, which makes them perfect for long and comfortable commutes, and if they were registered before April 1st 2017, some of them are even just £20 or £30 to tax!

But if you’re looking for the luxurious nature of a Jag with more bite under the bonnet, then the XF delivers again with its V8 turbocharged model.

The XE is another good option. Sharing the same automatic gearbox as the XF, the XE is slightly shorter which makes it better for sporty drivers, whereas the XF has more room for luxury and comfort.

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Mitsubishi Outlander

The Outlander did the world of SUVs proud, as it was one of only two SUVs to make it onto our list of most popular automatics.

And that’s not all, the Mitsubishi Outlander also features on our most popular SUV blog – so it must be a great all-rounder!

So why is it such a popular automatic? Well, the PHEV models are hybrids which mean plenty of miles to the gallon (some even achieving 166mpg!) and many models on the used market are equipped with plenty of spec including Bluetooth, USB and DAB coming on the standard model.

Our Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV owners said that they loved how quiet and easy to drive it is, but said it was a little too big to be great at handling the town and the city easily.

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When it came to CarShop’s top 10 most sold automatics in 2018, Mercedes ruled the list! The A Class, C Class, GLA Class and E Class all came into the top 10, reaffirming the need for an automatic gearbox in a luxurious car.

·        C Class – 2nd place

·        E Class – 5th place

·        A Class -  8th place

·        GLA Class – 10th place

The fact that the cars from across the Mercedes range came in top on our most popular automatics speaks volumes for the gearbox. And the A Class and GLA Class shows that it isn’t just for commuters either.

The Mercedes owners we polled said that they found their car nice and smooth to drive, and loved the boot size as well as the performance, the only small thing that was mentioned was the sound level from the Bluetooth.

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Renault Clio

The Clio wasn’t in our top 10 most popular automatic cars, but after scouring the internet, the Clio is highly regarded as being one of the best small automatic hatchbacks. Plus, the Clio is also featured in our most popular fuel efficient cars blog, so it is definitely doing something right.

The Clio is a great alternative for a high quality automatic car if you’re just taking on the town or you don’t have a lengthy commute. The Clio has been a favourite with newer drivers for generations – the proof is in the pedigree!

You get a decent amount of spec even on the entry level trim including Bluetooth and DAB radio, and it’s efficient too. So, with its popular auto gearbox, you’ve got all the bases covered.

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Mini hatchback/Cooper

The Mini was again, not in our top 10 of most sold automatic cars in 2018. But, the Mini’s auto gearbox speaks volumes and has made “best automatic car” lists over many publications.

And it was in our top 7 most popular small hatchbacks blog too!

Although Minis have traditionally had a manual gearbox in keeping with their sportier persona, the 6-speed automatic gearbox shifts smoothly and is effective if you want a little more acceleration.

Similarly to the Golf, there are a wide range of models available if you want something a little sportier or need more room, and there’s even a coupe option. So, you’ll be able to enjoy a great auto gearbox in a car that is suited to your needs.

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