Windscreen Wars: The UK retaliate against bad parking

Windscreen Wars: The UK retaliate against bad parking

We’ve all witnessed it, been a victim of it or even guilty of it, but bad parking is still a hot topic amongst drivers of all ages and abilities. Whether it’s some dubious parking skills or cars that are so badly parked they are presumed to be abandoned, nationwide competition finds some of the funniest and angriest notes that have been left for careless drivers

Following a nationwide search to find some of the funniest, passive aggressive notes left on a drivers’ windscreens, used car supermarket, CarShop, has selected a winner from the hilarious entries and compiled a top ten.

The Used Car Supermarket, which currently has nine UK sites, asked drivers to submit a picture of the angriest, funniest and most ludicrous note that has been left on their car or that they have left for someone else.

The winner and finalists have been revealed, with entries ranging from the funny to the offensive. Notes have been left because of bad parking, blocking driveways and even, hilariously, as a response to a previous note.

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Pippa Brown, from Newcastle received the note after parking too far away from the kerb, although she responded, “It’s not that bad!”

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Sarah Crossley, from Meir, received the demanding note when she visited a friend.

Jonathan Allbones, director at CarShop, said: “Most drivers have at one time or another experienced a moment of frustration with an inconveniently parked car. We wanted to launch a competition to find some of the wittiest and silliest notes. It seems we certainly found some of the most offensive!”

“Pippa’s entry was really funny, we enjoyed that she saw the funny side as well, and it seems the person that left it also had a sense of humour.”

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