The ultimate winter driving resource

The ultimate winter driving resource

The days have gotten considerably darker, temperatures have dropped, and we’re well on the way to Christmas, which can only mean one thing; winter is coming.

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For motorists, the arrival of the coldest season spells poor weather, black ice and morning frost, which can become a right old hassle. To combat this, we’ve rounded up the very best content around the web to give you the ultimate winter driving resource.


Tyres, Products & Accessories for Safe, Hassle-Free Winter Driving

Winter Tyres

If you’ve decided you’re going to get some winter tyres, we’d recommend these Continental WinterContact TS 860s, which topped Auto Express’ Winter Tyres Test. They perform excellently in snow, ice and especially wet conditions, enabling you to feel safe driving whatever the weather this winter. The video below, by Auto Express, shows why winter tyres are more beneficial suring the season:


Anti-freeze/coolant is crucial for a correctly functioning engine, but is often ignored by motorists. During the winter months, it is especially important that your coolant reservoir has the correct ratio of water and coolant, and for a small price you can purchase a coolant tester to check your car's coolant/water ratio.

Other Winter Accessories


Best Websites & Apps for Winter Weather Information


Highways Agency Weather Watch This government Highways Agency link always as an up-to-date weather forecast, with information on how that might affect the UK’s roads. Gauge Map If you live in an area with a risk of flooding, you’ll want to bookmark Gauge Map. With a comprehensive UK map covering all rivers, you can find the current water level of any river. If the water level is high, the river will be marked as ‘Flooding Possible’.

Free Apps

Met Office Weather This award-winning weather app has been downloaded over 4 million times, and will tell you everything you need to know about the weather, with over 7,000 locations to pick from. iOS – download here. Android – download here. Battery Doctor Pro Battery Doctor helps you maintain the battery life on your phone, and it finds out which active software on your phone is draining your battery quicker. You never know, that extra battery life may come in handy in a winter emergency! iOS – download here. Android – download here. Highways Agency Hands Free Traffic A fantastic app, developed by the Highways Agency, that is completely hands free, enabling you to completely focus on the road ahead. The app will alert out loud to you whenever you approach or are near a road block, traffic jam or other hazards that could hinder your journey time. iOS – download here. Andoid – download here. Sunrise/Sunset Low winter sun is often a troublesome and dangerous hazard that hinders your ability to clearly see the road in front of you. This app does what it says on the tin, telling you the times for sunrise and sunset, but it may be useful when planning a road trip this winter if you are worried about glare from the sun. iOS - download here. Android – download here.


Winter Driving: The Statistics

  • There were 11,057 tyre-related incidents on motorways and major A roads in England last winter (source).
  • Snow and ice were the cause of 6,217 road accidents in Great Britain in 2012 (source).
  • 48% of winter car accidents are a result of skidding (source).
  • The AA found that sun dazzle was reported to be a factor in 2,905 accidents in 12 months, which included 36 fatalities (source).

Road Gritting

Find out gritting routes in your area using these useful links: Manchester gritting routes Sheffield gritting routes Wakefield gritting routes Or if you want to request a road in your local authority to be gritted, simply follow this link.

Free Winter Car Check

Did you know that Kwik-Fit offer free winter safety checks for your car? They will check your tyres, battery, coolant / anti-freeze, wiper blades & light bulbs, and provide guidance on any necessary fixes. For more information, click here.

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