DVLA Abolishes the Use for Counterpart

DVLA Abolishes the Use for Counterpart

With the digital revolution commanding the majority of our everyday roles these days, it isn’t surprising to find that there isn’t much left to be “digitalised”. The revolution has struck again though, where it has now found its way into removing an unnecessary burden of the paper counterpart. This was the part that has traditionally been used to show details that could not be contained on the photocard of a license; information such as vehicle categories you are entitled to drive, and any penalty points issued on a license were previously showcased. But from June 8 th 2015 this will no longer be valid and will no longer be issued by the DVLA.

This announcement will no doubt raise a few questions from drivers concerned with what to do next. It has been disclosed that the paper counterpart of a license will simply become a piece of paper with no legal status whatsoever to it from June 8 th 2015. It has also been advised that the paper counterpart should be destroyed AFTER this date, but drivers should KEEP their current photocard driving licence.

For drivers who only have the pre-photocard paper driving licences, they should KEEP these documents as the paper driving licenses WILL continue to be valid and SHOULD NOT be destroyed. If a driver with a paper license needs to update their name, address or renew their licence, they will then only be issued with a photocard; nothing else.

For drivers who have penalty points (endorsements) on their licenses, these will no longer be shown in print. They will be found on the DVLA’s driver record that can be checked online. The free service which will let any driver find out information on which vehicles they are entitled to drive, their penalty points and when a driver’s licence is going to expire is available now at www.gov.uk/view-driving-licence .

The DVLA have come to this decision to eliminate the paper counterpart as a consequence of a governmental discussion on road transportation known as the Red Tape Challenge. It also brings into line the DVLA’s Strategic Plan which comprises commitment to create an easier impact on our services.


For more information regarding anything else on this matter, please visit: www.gov.uk/government/news/driving-licence-changes

  • On: 11 March 2015
  • By: CarShop

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