Sponsor: CarShop goes live with BTCC driver Aiden Moffat

Sponsor: CarShop goes live with BTCC driver Aiden Moffat

We love being able to say that we sponsor Aiden Moffat racing here at CarShop, and we were so excited for the new season, we just had to get him to come and answer a few questions before things started heating up!

On February 7th, Aiden clambered into his Range Rover at 7.45am with his cousin and endured the long trek down from Scotland to meet us at CarShop Doncaster for a Facebook Live interview.

Aiden said: “I think it took a little over 4 hours.

“Alan came with me as the designated DJ. We probably could have done it in a better time, but he likes to stop a lot.”

After a quick bite to eat, which included profiteroles (yum) organised by the Brand Experience Manager of the store, Lianne Scott, we headed into the showroom to set Aiden up for the Facebook Live.

As you might have seen, we were spamming social media with the hashtag #AskAiden for days, and you guys definitely got into the spirit!

Our very own Jack Francis bit the bullet and got in front of the camera with Aiden to keep on top of the amazing amount of questions from you guys.


The live interview

There were loads of questions asked during the interview, so we’ve gone and picked just a few of our favourites here, so make sure to check out the whole video.

Oh, and before you ask, we did ask about what car he was going to drive, but no secrets got spilt.


To get the interview underway, we asked Aiden “How is the preparation going for the new season?”

He said: “A lot of preparation goes into touring car racing. It’s a lot more than just the race-car, it’s getting the team together, making sure the partners are happy, and [the other] vehicles.

He said that they were slowly but surely getting there, and it was just a case of getting back into it and blowing off the cobwebs!


Scott came in live and asked: “Have you done something with your eyebrows? Throw us a salute.”


Aiden, after chuckling to himself, didn’t really answer the question, but we did get a sweet shot of him doing this.

Charlie asked a great question – “What did you enjoy the most about the last season?”

Without hesitating, Aiden immediately rounded off his first win of the BTCC at Donington Park, Sunday, April 16th, 2017.

“[My team] give up a lot of personal time and commit a lot just to see me do well.”

Aiden Moffat racing is very much a family affair, with his mum, dad, cousins and every other relation putting in hard work all over the place. He continued “my family that put me in the position to get me where I am now.

“For all the hard work and support [they gave,] to reward them with that first win was an amazing feeling.

“[It was great] to see everyone’s faces when I came up with the cup.

“The feeling of accomplishment from starting down [at the bottom] and getting up to the top was a fantastic feeling that I’ll never forget.”


He also got asked which one of the two wins he had last year was the most memorable – Donington was the outright winner again. He said: “It was my first win in touring cars, and you can never forget your first win.”

Charlie, Aiden’s mini mascot asked: “Do you like me as your mascot and are you looking forward to the new season?”

Aiden chuckled and said that he was definitely looking forward the new season. He knows Charlie has his own cart now and is sure that Charlie’s career will start soon.

“I’m scared that Charlie will put me to shame!” He joked. “It’ll be a few years before he steals my seat.”

One of the best ones which wasn’t about cars, racing or related to motoring at all was: “Do you use wax or gel your hair? It must be hard to keep your hair nice with the helmet?”

Well, we were amused and intrigued at the same time.

Aiden: “Actually a powder thing. No idea what it’s called.”

Sorry folks, we still don’t know!

Darren came in with a whopper of a question – “What was the first thing you raced in?”

Well, we all know that you can’t go straight into the British Touring Car Championship without a bit of experience, but it was great to find out that Aiden started from Arrive and Drive championships – check them out, they’re really good fun!

He also did a bit of Banger Racing. He told us he “got an old Civic for a couple of hundred pounds, kicked the windows out, and then drove in an oval and smashed [everyone] out the way.

“Good practise for touring cars,” he added.

Oh, and we couldn’t forget this amazingly obvious question for the Scot: “Iron Bru or Tunnock’s Tea Cakes?”


After clarifying that Jack was definitely not Scottish since he hasn’t heard of Tunnock’s Tea Cakes, Aiden came back with Iron Bru. Not for just the taste, but “the hangover too. Win-win!”

Quick message to fans

To finish off the interview, Aiden addressed his fans with some heartfelt sentiment.

He said “It’s been a long winter, and I miss the track and feeling of racing with people out there supporting you.

“It’s a special feeling and something I can’t wait to get back to doing it and see the fans again. Hopefully, we can reward them again with some more wins!”

As well as learning that you have to keep surprisingly fit to sit behind the wheel all day and we’re no closer to finding out how Aiden’s hair stays so perfect, we got a real insight to his preparation for the BTCC this year, his other project – A1 Motorsports, and know that he’s raring to get out there and get the win!

After the interview

After the interview, we checked in with Aiden again before he headed off back to Scotland.

After admitting he was a tad nervous since it was his first interview after the big break between seasons, he thought it went really well and had a lot of fun.

And most importantly, he said, “it’s been nice to come down and see everyone from CarShop, and to use their fantastic facilities.”


Thanks for coming Aiden! 

  • On: 09 February 2018
  • By: CarShop

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