Blog: What makes a great first car? The CarShop guide

Blog: What makes a great first car? The CarShop guide

So, you’ve made it. You’ve finally passed your driving test. It doesn’t matter whether it was the first, third, or seventeenth attempt, but now you’ve got a whole new headache. You’ve come to the sudden realisation that you have absolutely no idea what car to get.

Well, hopefully, we’ve got a few tips to make the loom of the terrifying car-buying world a little easier to digest.


First things first, and we might as well be honest here, your insurance is going to be astronomical no matter what you do. But the sooner you get your first insurance, the sooner you get your first years no claims, and that’s the time to make sure you shop around again as the deals will start pouring in.

We could tell you what cars would be cheapest to insure, but nowadays, that’s completely dependent on your driving history, the named drivers and a bunch of other stuff. So, our advice is to look for a car with a smaller engine, probably a 1.0L, as that seems to work on most occasions (This isn’t concrete, make sure you don’t restrict your search!)

This isn’t the concrete truth though, so before you go ahead and buy, make sure you check out at least one of the hundreds of websites that are all over the internet that will:

1) tell you the insurance group of the car you’ve found and

2) how much it would be for you to insure it.

If you go on to a comparison website, you only have to pop your details in once and then you’re set to check any car that grabs your attention. And seriously, it’s worth the legwork, it’ll get you the best deal.

And when you’ve found that perfect quote, go ahead and ring them directly to see if you can shave off a few more pennies!

Cheap is better, right?

After forking out a small fortune on insurance, you probably don’t want another load of dosh spent on repairs and upkeep of your new motor.


So, it might be worth forking out just a little bit more on a reliable little run-around with an MOT, a service history and a solid frame.

And just so you know, here at CarShop we’ve got plenty of smaller cars that have exactly that.

Okay, well what about the expensive models?

We’re going, to be honest with you again here. We probably would advise against spending a lot of money on a brand new Audi or BMW just to impress your mates. The first few months of driving are the most likely point of getting behind the wheel where you’ll misjudge the wall on your driveway, or scrape your shiny new alloys on the kerbs in the town. So do yourself a favour and get yourself something a little smaller, something a little cheaper, but still has enough room in the back for your friends.

I want one anyway

Fair enough - don’t blame you. If you want to spend a few more pennies on your first motor, then be sure to get a car that’s kitted out with extras like DAB radio for the best driving tunes, Bluetooth to keep you connected and USB ports to keep yourself fully charged!

Okay, so this part might be the biggest headache, or you’ll love every minute of your search, either way, you’ll love owning, and driving your own car a lot more.

Which models?

Why not check out some great contenders on the CarShop website?

In no particular order, here are a few models that have been a favourite with new car buyers for the past few years:


Citroen C1

Skoda Citigo


Volkswagen Golf


Peugeot 107

Volkswagen Up

Vauxhall Corsa

Ford Fiesta

Just so you’re aware, these exact motors might not be available now but we have plenty more to choose from! 

  • On: 19 February 2018
  • By: CarShop

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