Blog: It's International Women's Day: Let's get empowered with CarShop

Blog: It's International Women's Day: Let's get empowered with CarShop

There’s always been a stigma, negative feelings and a general sense of fear when it comes to women and cars.

Well, that’s what the stereotype suggests, and we don’t think this should be the case anymore.

2018 marks 100 years since voting became more widely accessible to women. And we believe it’s important to celebrate that today women choose to have careers they love, and do anything they set their mind to and more…so why should car shopping be a struggle?

What stereotype?

After a little investigating, we stumbled on to an article published by Car Dealer Magazine and that said: “The words ‘stressed’, ‘overwhelmed’, ‘taken advantage’ and ‘panic’ were among the top ten words used by women when reviewing their in-dealership experience, with many saying they felt ‘unsure’ or ‘stupid’ in their service and sales reviews.”

And when we looked a little further we saw that research at CDK Global said: “Women influence 85% of car-buying decisions, yet 90% of women think car dealers don’t take them seriously. Talk about a serious gap.”

So what could we do? We’re here to try and help tackle the everyday stigmas that come with women and the automotive industry.We want to help get women take the next step on their own and get the car that they really want without a worry.

How do CarShop customers feel about the stereotype?

Before we could start tackling the problem we had to carry out a little research of our own, just so we knew how our customers felt. We did a small poll* to see what we’re trying to tackle when it comes to car-buying.

We sent out the small survey to some of our customers, and we found that 53% of women found the car-buying process intimidating compared with 61% of men. So, maybe the stereotype is starting to change…

But that wasn’t all. We found that, on the whole, women are comfortable walking into a showroom on their own according to 73% of those surveyed. That said, there still seems to be a bit of apprehension when it comes to actually going through the sales process and buying the motor alone, as only 51% were happy to do it.

The most surprising part of this was that women actually appeared more comfortable than men walking into a showroom alone, but men felt slightly better going through the actual car-buying process. Although we found this, there’s still a bit of work to do as there’s still 29% of guys who responded who found going through the process alone uncomfortable too.

So, it’s not just women! It turns out everyone has a bit of apprehension when it comes to buying a new (used) car, and we know there is a still a lot to work on with both women and men in car dealerships.

Here at CarShop we don’t want you to have any issue with buying your own car with confidence. After all it should be a fun an exciting experience getting yourself a new motor.

So, let’s try and ramp those stats up! When you come into CarShop you’re greeted straight away by a customer consultant, and from there you’ve got the personal touch for the whole journey. They’re there to understand what you’re looking for and what is best for you financially too!

And if you’re looking for a little more reassurance…

We can keep on chatting on about how you don’t need to worry, but at the end of the day, you’re still going to be a little apprehensive.

So, as a little reassurance, why not check out the guarantee that comes with a car from us?

You’ll automatically get a 3-month guarantee when you get a car from CarShop, but if you’re looking to keep yourself covered for a little longer, we can help you with that too. All you need to do is ask one of our lovely customer consultants about the options – you can choose a 1, 2, or a massive 3-year RAC Extended Warranty policy!

And did someone mention servicing? Not only can you get a service or MOT from the same place you bought your motor, it’s super easy to book it all online.

Now that is a relief.

And when it comes to getting a service or MOT…

When it comes to garages, as long as you know what you’re paying for, agree on a price, and then go through the charges, you’ll be fine!

If you’re a little worried about going to an independent garage, it’s worth noting that all our CarShop showrooms have their own service centres. And here, we can guarantee that women (as well as men) will be treated fairly and with the utmost respect.

And since we want to be with you right from the beginning, from when you purchase your car until you decide you need a change – you know that we want to keep your trust and assurance with us. In fact, we’ll even send you a reminder for your next service and MOT!

With our funky traffic light system at our service centres, we’ve tried to make the headache of car maintenance as easy to digest as possible. Oh, and don’t forget that this Visual Health Check (which is always performed by a skilled technician of course) is completely free for anyone who comes in for a service or an MOT!

If it’s red, we recommend that you get it done pronto, if it’s yellow, it’s definitely something to think about doing within the next 6 months, and if it’s green then it’s good to go!

But again, only you can make the choice of what work you want doing.

If you choose not to use a CarShop Service Centre, make sure you that agree to only get the stuff that you want to pay for and nothing else (they might add something on as they think you’ll need it). This is just so you don’t get a surprise bill at the end. And remember, if they suggest something, it’s up to you to take them up on their suggestion.

So, come on ladies, don’t stop now! It’s International Women’s Day - what better time of the year to get out there and challenge the stereotype with us!

*The CarShop poll had 217 male responses and 86 female responses

  • On: 08 March 2018
  • By: CarShop

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