Blog: Mother's Day - The CarShop way

Blog: Mother's Day - The CarShop way

Here at CarShop, we think that Mother’s Day is that one time of the year when you should have a lay in, get breakfast in bed and enjoy having your feet up on a well-deserved day off.

Well, that’s the idea. But we all know that a mother’s job is never done. Not even after they turn 18!

So instead, why not go ahead and get a treat that you’ll absolutely love, and is perfectly practical for tackling whatever day to day adventures that arise. You’re wonder-woman after all, and even she had a nifty set of wheels.

New mum

If you’re a new mum and are just starting to become an expert in the ways of pram folding, nappy-bag stacking and car-seat installing, then you know that you need your boot to be gateway to Narnia.

In essence, your kid is small, but they come with a lot of luggage and your car needs to accommodate that!

Why not test drive:

Nissan Juke

Or a Citroen C4 Cactus?

Not to worry if you don’t want a chunky wagon if you’ve only got one kiddywink to take care of. For you, the smaller hatchbacks with the decent-sized boots will work just as well for your day to day adventures.

Why not test drive:

Hyundai i30

 Or a Volkswagen Polo? – the 5 door version would probably be best!

The wonder years

They’re not quite babies, they’re not teens, they’re at that gorgeous stage in the middle where you still need a car for the nursery run, enough room for the car-seats in the back and you might start going on weekends away with the family - so you won’t want a fuel-guzzler either!

Why not test drive:

A Ford Focus?

Or a Honda Jazz?

Working mum

Not only do you juggle the full time job of being a mum, you bring in the cash, are on the career ladder and need a car that not only looks professional but is also ideal for the school run, the weekly football game and everything in the middle.

Why not test drive:

An Audi A3?

Or a Mercedes B Class?

Both are elegant, spacious, and are more affordable to tax as well as great on fuel!

Big family

If you’re a mum with a big family, then a 7-seater is key to handling everything from the school run to the weekends away. Plus, when you put the seats down, you’ll have a massive amount of room in the boot, which is always going to be amazingly practical for your fun and hectic lifestyle!

Why not test drive:

A Ford Grand C-Max Estate

Or a Renault Grand Scenic?

The teenage years

Or what we call ‘the taxi years.’ The kids are a little bigger, know what they want, and won’t be seen in your family wagon a minute longer. The good thing is you won’t need to bring a boot-full of stuff wherever you go, and you’ll be starting to do less of the routine ferrying around as they’re starting to find their feet.

Why not get a car that is more ‘you’ and is still practical enough (and cool enough) to drive to the football games, take them into town and still conquer the weekly shop with ease?

Why not test drive:

A BMW 3 Series

Or a BMW 1 Series?

They’ve grown up, moved out, and now it’s time to treat yourself

You’ll always be a mother and we know you’ll always be there for your kids, but now you don’t have to be at their beck and call or try and fit an enormous amount of shopping in the boot every week.

Which makes it a great time to stop thinking about everyone else for a change and get the motor that YOU really want!

You can go either end of the spectrum here: get a small, fast motor that’ll you love to tame like an Audi S3:

or a big chunky 4x4 that will let you drive in amazing luxury like a  Range Rover Evoque:

Maybe even something that you’ll just love to look at and enjoy getting behind the wheel like a Mini Convertible

Being a mum is forever, but don’t forget to spoil yourself as well as your kids. You deserve a break, and a gorgeous new car from CarShop is a perfect way to do that!

And just so you know, the exact motors in the images might not be available now, so make sure you speak with one of our lovely Sales Consultants in store.

  • On: 11 March 2018
  • By: CarShop

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