Blog: Volkswagen acronym buster

Blog: Volkswagen acronym buster

 We’ve all been there. You’re looking for your new car and are inundated with letters, numbers and all kinds of spec and you don’t have a clue what any of it means.

But that’s okay - we’re here to help.

If you’re looking for a VW and are drowning in a sea of acronyms, see if you can find it here. (And if you can’t, drop us a message on social media and we’ll do our best to add it!)

Getting started

These are the bits you might see when you’re having a general mooch:

BlueMotion – These are cars from the VW range which have an emphasis on higher fuel efficiency.

Mk – Stands for ‘mark’ which is the generation of the vehicle.


So, you like the look of the car, but what’s under the bonnet? Be aware that the type of engine also comes with different spec features and trims throughout the car too.

CR – Common rail engine – this is a type of fuel injection system in the engine which often increases the combined MPG (miles per gallon) slightly.

PD – Pump Duse – this is a type of engine in which the injector has its own pump. They tend to be more expensive to maintain, and will die out eventually, leaving just common rail in the future.


GT – This stands for Grand Touring. A Grand Tourer generally means that a car is capable of high speed and long distance driving.

GTI – Grand Touring Injection. Essentially this is a Grand Tourer for petrol motors.

GTD – Grand Touring Diesel. This is pretty much a Grand Tourer for (surprise, surprise) diesel engines.

We talk about GT’s in our tea day blog, so if you want to know more, check it out!


TDi – Turbocharged Direct Injection. This is another engine design which uses an injection diesel fuelling system and is also turbo-charged (which just means that it goes a little faster.)

TSi - Turbocharged stratified injection – Like TDi, this is another engine design which uses and injection fuelling system that is also turbo-charged, but uses petrol rather than diesel.


R – This stands for Racing, the top spec motor with a bit of bite! All the new Golf R’s have 300bhp under the bonnet – now that’s a lot of power.



In VW’s you get the normal options of a manual or an automatic gear box – and then it starts to get a little more complicated.

DSG – Stands for a Direct Shift Gearbox – And that means that it is a dual clutch automatic gearbox. Why would you want that? Well, it makes the gears (which they usually have more of) change faster to try and increase fuel economy. It also gives you the choice of S (sport) mode which holds on to the gears for longer to improve acceleration, or M (manual) mode if you want to change gears yourself.

ASG - Automated Shift Gearbox – And this means that it has a single clutch gear box. But, the nifty gearbox gives you the option for manual or automatic driving. Because it is such an efficient process compared to a manual, you’ll get better emissions and fuel consumption.

4Motion – This is All Wheel Drive. And that is a fancy term for 4-wheel drive.


A sneak peek into trims:

Why haven’t we done all the trims? Because there are hundreds - and we mean hundreds. Besides, the trims are usually written in whole words in the derivative (the little bit of info under the make and model) and are easy to spot.

The trims usually determine what sort of extras you’re going to get in the car, and the names of trims change completely from model to model, so if you’ve got a certain model in mind, make sure you do a quick internet search so you know what you’re looking for.


We’ve added in the three below as they appear in the derivate as acronyms, and you may think that they would have something to do in the engine or the gearbox.

S – Sport

SE – Special Edition

SEL – Special Edition Limited – which basically means that it is even better than the special edition!



  • On: 29 June 2018
  • By: CarShop

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