Blog: Let the games begin: Kia Sportage vs. Nissan Qashqai - which is right for you?

Blog: Let the games begin: Kia Sportage vs. Nissan Qashqai - which is right for you?

The battle of the SUVs is on. If you’ve already done a little shopping around and are after a bit of room, some gadgets and value for money, chances are you’ve narrowed it down to the Kia Sportage and Nissan Qashqai.

At first glance, these two cars are very similar, though there are a few key differences that will help you determine which one is better for your lifestyle. So keep on reading and discover your ultimate SUV.


Round one: Price

Perhaps the most important factor? You’ll find that there’s not a lot of difference in price between the Sportage and Qashqai. However, the top-end Sportage is about £2,000 more than the top-end Qashqai. If you’re after a 4-wheel drive model, you’re more likely to find this with the Sportage, but, again, this will be more expensive than the 2-wheel drive version.

One factor that may sway your decision is that Kia offer a 7-year/100,000-mile warranty from new, and it’s even carried on to the next owner! So, if you buy one of the newer models you’ve got peace of mind for the long run that you won’t face any unexpected bills.


Round two: Styling and dimensions

The current models of both the Sportage and Qashqai are the most stylish yet. The Sportage has a distinctive grill and rounded edges:

whilst the Qashqai has recently undergone a facelift that matches the rest of Nissan’s range and has more angular features:

So, will these spacious SUV’s fit in the garage? The Qashqai is 2,070mm wide (including wing mirrors), is 1,590mm tall and 4,377mm long. The Sportage is actually larger at 1,645mm high and 4,480mm long, but is a tad narrower at 1,855mm wide.

Round three: Interior

It’s gadgets galore in both the Qashqai and Sportage. You can expect to find the likes of Bluetooth connectivity, Sat-Nav, climate control and cruise control in nearly all of the models. The Sportage tends to be equipped with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to keep you connected, which gives it a one up on the Qashqai which doesn’t have this tech yet.


But, on the flipside, the Qashqai has loads of nifty features to keep you safe on the road such as lane assist and an all-around camera. What’s more, some models are kitted out with park assist to give you a little rest-bite whether you’re bay parking or parallel parking.

Looking to get the biggest boot possible? The Sportage trumps the Qashqai with a massive 491 litres vs 430 litres, although the Qashqai does have more space with the seats down – a massive 1,598 litres compared to the Sportage’s 1,480.

Round four: Engines

Regardless of whether you choose petrol or diesel, the Sportage has bigger engines all-round than the Qashqai, so you’ll have a little more pulling power. The engines found in the Qashqai are better for economical driving, with the 1.5 litre diesel engine able to get up to 74mpg on average.

Here’s a rundown of the engines available for both cars and their performance figures:

Kia Sportage engines


Fuel Type

0-60 time

Average Fuel Economy

1.6 GDi


11.1 seconds


1.6T GDi


8.9 seconds


1.7 CRDi


11.1 seconds


2.0 CRDi


9.2 seconds



Nissan Qashqai engines


Fuel Type

0-60 time

Average Fuel Economy

1.2 DiG-T


10.6 seconds


1.5 dCi


11.9 seconds


1.6 dCi


11.1 seconds




The decider: Kia Sportage vs Nissan Qashqai – Which should you choose?

As the Sportage offers more powerful engines, it is more suited to towing (if you’re a fan of caravan holidays) compared to the Qashqai. But that being said, the Nissan is better for motorway cruising thanks to its efficient engines and hi-tech safety features.


  • On: 06 July 2018
  • By: CarShop

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