Lancashire residents 'confused' over new speed limits

Fleetwood residents have declared themselves dissatisfied with new speed restrictions in the town.

Residents from the town of Fleetwood in Lancashire have expressed their dissatisfaction at the county council's decision to change speed limits in the area.

The authority has reduced the speed limit from 30 mph to 20 mph on various roads in a bid to bring down the number of accidents affecting motorists and pedestrians alike.

However, those who live in the surrounding areas have claimed the way in which the limit changes have been implemented is confusing and does not make logical sense.

According to the Blackpool Gazette, there is increasing scepticism over the scheme, largely because of some very small stretches of road that have not been given reductions - something that Fleetwood residents feel creates inconsistency.

Nearby homeowner Neil Hendry asked: "Why have they made Fleetwood Road 20 mph from the roundabout but have 30 signs when you join it from Flakefleet Avenue?"

He went on to say that other areas of the town have been given a "blanket" of speed restrictions that mean roads with very few or no past accidents will be slowed down.

Local people have also raised concerns about the increases in traffic that could come from the roads being clogged up, with fears that businesses may suffer from having their efficiency and delivery lead times constrained.

The newspaper states that it was the intention of Lancashire County Council to implement a blanket 20 mph limit through the whole of the town, but negotiations with Fleetwood Town Council resulted in the restrictions only being introduced on certain 'high risk' roads.

Marie Grasse, another resident, called for "larger signs" denoting the limits as she claimed it was hard to spot some of them, even when travelling at the appropriate speed, adding that there were stretches as small as "ten metres" that have been left unrestricted.

The effectiveness of the scheme has also been scrutinised by Margaret Blake, who lives in the centre of the town.

She complained at seeing numerous motorists continuing to drive well above the new limits.

  • On: 20 February 2014
  • By: CarShop

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