Electrical faults in cars raising cost of repair bills

The Reliability Index from Warranty Direct has found that the cost of fixing car electronics is on the rise.

Electrical faults could be on the rise in vehicles and may also be causing drivers to see a increase in their repair bills.

According to the Reliability Index from Warranty Direct, electrical faults have increased by 66 per cent over the last five years in cars that are more than three years old. Additionally, the cost of repairing these faults has been on the increase, rising by 32 per cent over this period. The average cost of fixing an electrical fault is £291.50, however this can rise to as much as £2,804.

Particularly in recent years, many cars have come fitted with electronic devices as standard. With anything from electric car alarms, to wing mirrors to parking sensors, these are intended to improve the driving experience and make things easier for vehicle users.

David Gerrans, managing director of Warranty Direct, said: "As automotive technology continues to advance, cars get more and more complex. Nowhere is that more so than in the field of computer technology and other electronics.

"But, while these advances can undoubtedly improve the performance and safety of cars, they also have a knock-on effect on how often they fail and how much it costs to repair them."

The index also noted which cars are most likely to need an electrical repair as well as the average cost of this. It appears that those that are most reliable may also be the most costly to repair.

For example, Subaru was noted to be the most reliable brand in terms of electronics, with a mere one in seven cars having experienced some kind of electrical fault, however the average cost of repairs for these cars was £450.67. Meanwhile, Renault was found to be the least reliable but cost £264.33 on average for owners of cars of this brand to fix.

In terms of the kind of parts that are most likely to need repairs, relays and alternators were found to be most likely to break.

  • On: 18 March 2014
  • By: CarShop

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