More drivers stopped with defective tyres

As drivers struggle to pay for new sets of tyres, many are being stopped by police with defective ones.

More drivers are being stopped by police at the roadside due to having defective tyres on their cars.

Police figures show that since 2009, the amount of drivers that have been stopped at the roadside due to defective tyres has risen by nine per cent.

Drivers who are caught driving with tyres that do not meet UK safety requirements can receive a fine of up to £100 as well as three points on their licence for each offending tyre.

Yet part of the reason why so many drivers are being caught with sub standard tyres, according to insurance company LV=, is due to the fact that many feel that they cannot afford a new set for their car.

As a result, many are looking to buy part worn tyres as these can appear to be a much cheaper alternative to a brand new counterpart. However, LV= warned that this is resulting in a number of dodgy dealers being able to sell tyres that do not meet legal requirements.

Managing director at LV= Car Insurance John O'Roarke said: "In the current economic climate, motorists are understandably looking to cut costs wherever they can and buying quality, used tyres is one way to do this. Unfortunately some second-hand tyres sold do not meet the legal safety requirements and are not fit for the road, putting motorists at risk of a criminal conviction or worse."

Those who fear they may need a new set of tyres but are afraid of the costs that come with this can look to Car Shop to get theirs changed cheaply. Technicians will give cars a free tyre safety check, looking at all tyres including the spare as well as wheel alignment.

Following the check, if it is found that the driver does indeed need to get a new set of tyres, technicians can then advise them which would be the best for their vehicle and price range. Car Shop stocks a range of tyres from budget to premium and prices start from £26, which allows drivers to save money on changing them.

  • On: 17 April 2014
  • By: CarShop

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