What to expect from your first MOT

Going for an MOT test is a legal requirement if your car is over three years old. Here's what to expect if you are a new driver due for your first ever MOT test.

Everyone worries about sending their car for an MOT test - with visions in their heads of big bills if they haven't been taking care of their cars - and it is especially nerve-racking if you have never had to do it before.

Nevertheless, once your car is at least three years old, it becomes a legal requirement to have it tested annually. In fact it is important to have your car checked over to make sure it is roadworthy, keep you and other road users safe and lessen the risk of a breakdown.

There are a few things that you can expect from the test, nothing of which is worth worrying about but knowing what might be encountered can be useful for putting a new driver's mind at ease.

First, you will receive a letter saying that you need to send your car for its MOT by a certain date. You need not have your car tested on this exact date, in fact you can book in for your test any time up to a month before. The balance of time until your MOT date is up will be added to the new document that you receive upon passing.

Once you receive your letter, you will want to find a trusted technician to conduct your test for you. At Car Shop, there are a number of expert technicians that will check your car fairly so that you will be told if any parts of your vehicle are not roadworthy but they will not fail anything unnecessarily.

An MOT with Car Shop will not break the bank either as prices start from £19.99. Yet you can have a service done at the same time as your test, which will cost at least £98.99 for the interim service and MOT combined or £139.99 for a full service and MOT.

After you have booked in for a test, you will receive a letter giving you the time that it will be conducted and where you are required to park it on arrival. Bring this letter with you when you for your test.

Try to arrive ten minutes before your test is due to start as this will ensure you get there within plenty of time. If you arrive late for your test then you run the risk of missing your appointment, could lose your fee and have to book again for another one.

Leave your car running at normal temperature once you arrive as the examiner will need this to conduct the emissions test. If your car is expelling a lot of black smoke then they may refuse to conduct the test. The examiner can also refuse to conduct the test if your car is too dirty or full of clutter.

When ready, the examiner will ask you to drive into the test hall and then you will be asked to hand over your keys to them. The test should then take approximately one hour.

Your car will have a comprehensive examination of its tyres, brakes, lights, emissions produced, steering system and suspension. If everything appears to be safe to be on the road and working well then you will be given a VT20 pass certificate.

Should your vehicle have any features that are on the borderline between a pass and a fail then you may be issued with an advisory notice. In this case, it is legal to drive with these issues but it is worth having these problem areas fixed prior to your next MOT to reduce the risk of a failure and to keep your car safe.

If your car fails, you will be given a VT30 fail certificate and our technicians will provide you with a form detailing the areas where your car needs to be fixed in order to pass its next test. Our technicians are also able to complete any work that is needed on your vehicle so that it passes its retest.

  • On: 30 April 2014
  • By: CarShop

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