Drivers and motoring groups disagree on speed limits

Following proposals to implement 20mph speed limits in local areas, motoring groups are disagreeing on how this should be imposed.

Surveys on the proposal to introduce 20mph speed limits has shown that drivers, motoring groups and insurance companies are at odds over their opinion on the matter.

According to a survey by insurance group Allianz and road safety charity Brake, seven out of ten drivers are in support of the introduction of the new speed limits. However, the AA has said that residents should be consulted before areas have these new speed limits imposed upon them.

Certain groups said that the 20mph speed limits should become the norm across towns, cities and villages. Yet the AA said that this should only be the case if it is clear that the public in the area is in support of this.

Led by Brake, the GO 20 campaign has been taken to Parliament and MPs and ministers have been urged to support it.

In addition to the 78 per cent that Brake said believe that 20mph should be the main speed limit for urban areas, its survey also showed that 81 per cent of respondents believe that traffic in the area travels too fast.

The AA's own survey showed that 68 per cent of respondents believed that they should be consulted before the new speed limits are implemented.

However, the AA did state that where residents supported lowering the speed limit to 20mph then it too agreed with the decision.

Edmund King, president at the AA, said: "The message is loud and clear - residents want to be asked first before the speed limit is changed on their streets. It doesnt mean they will say no to a 20mph speed limit, it means they want a say rather than being issued with a decree that ignores local democracy."

Some urban areas already operate on a 20mph speed limit. The London borough of Islington already has this speed limit while Camden in North London is in the process of implementing a 20mph limit across the area.

Following implementation of the new speed limits, statistics show that Camden has already had a 54 per cent reduction in speed limits.

  • On: 03 May 2014
  • By: CarShop

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