The German made cars that drivers want

German made cars dominated this year's What Car?/JD Power survey here's a guide to some of the models that drivers are favouring.

In recent years, the German manufacturers have been getting more and more popular among those looking for a new car.

The likes of Volkswagen and Mercedes Benz are among the names that drivers of all types, whether they are business executives or parents, are looking to get their hands on.

This was recently proven in the results of the 2014 What Car?/JD Power survey, where seven out of ten vehicles that made it into the top ten were made by German manufacturers. Of these, six cars were made by the Volkswagen group.

Editor of What Car? magazine Jim Holder said: “The Volkswagen Group deserves special congratulations for having six cars in the top 10. It is clearly building cars that have showroom appeal and, even more importantly, deliver in real life. Cars that perform in customer satisfaction surveys are a great recommendation for car buyers and act as a great barometer to a car’s quality.”

For those looking to buy a used version of one of the German cars that made it into the top ten, Car Shop stocks a great deal of them. Before purchasing one, however, consider what you need a car for and what your choice of vehicle can do for you.

Here's a quick guide to some of the top German cars at Car Shop that consumers want.

Volkswagen Golf Plus

As the name suggests, this car is the next one up from Volkswagen's ever popular Golf and is slightly larger.

The car took second place in the What Car?/JD Power poll after the Volkswagen Up. But the Golf Plus is a better choice if the driver seeks a vehicle with more space and has a family to drive around.

At Car Shop, you can purchase a Golf Plus from around somewhere between £8,000 and £12,000 or on finance for between £200 and £300 per month.

Skoda Yeti

Although in the 90s Skoda was known for being a rubbish car brand, it has completely turned its reputation around and now the subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group is one of the best manufacturers of economy cars on the market. In fact, its highly stylish crossover model, the Skoda Yeti, came in third in the What Car?/JD Power poll.

It is not the first time this year that the Yeti has received high praise as it came out top in the Auto Express Driver Power Survey, having achieved a rating of 92.7 per cent and being voted the easiest to drive. This was the third year in a row when the crossover class model topped the poll.

The car is ideal for those who want a vehicle that is functional for their day-to-day activities but also have a taste for adventure as the Yeti is built to be able to handle off road driving.

It is also great for karting the kids around, as proven by the fact that it won the Top Gear Family Car of the Year Award in 2009, which was around the same time that it made its debut.

At Car Shop, there are a variety of Skoda Yetis available from as low as £9,000 to up to £22,000 and many are available for purchase on finance.

Mercedes-Benz C Class

As ever, Mercedes-Benz remains one of the top manufacturers of choice when it comes to building luxury executive cars. So it was no surprise when the C Class came in fourth on the What Car?/JD Power poll, the only German car to make the top ten that was not manufactured by Volkswagen Group.

Ideal for white collar workers and those who have to do a lot of driving as part of their job, the C Class is Mercedes-Benz's compact executive car that has been proving popular on the market since its introduction in the early 90s.

It comes in either saloon or estate form but there also coupe models that are available.

The C Class is available from Car Shop for somewhere between £10,000 and £21,000 right out or it is available on finance.

  • On: 23 June 2014
  • By: CarShop

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