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Most popular diesel cars

Most popular diesel cars

Saffron Wilson

Saffron Wilson

  • 12 June, 2020
  • 8 min read

Dispelling some rumours about diesel cars, they’re still fighting fit! They still offer value for money in terms of fuel costs, and some that are registered before April 2017 can even be £0 to tax.

The list below features the top 10 most sold diesel cars throughout CarShop in 2018, and more importantly, some of the reasons as to why they are so popular!

10. Kia Sportage

The Kia Sportage was the 10th most popular diesel car that CarShop sold in 2018 – and is one of just two SUVs on the list!

You’ll find a range of great extras on all trims, from 1 (the entry level trim) equipped with the likes of cruise control, Bluetooth, DAB and more (on some models) all the way to 4 with extras like a heated steering wheel, front parking sensors and loads more (on some models)!

Oh, and the Sportage made it into our 7 most popular SUVs too – so it’s definitely doing something right!

The Kia Sportage owners that we polled said that they loved the heated seats and comfort of the SUV and loved all the extras it had to offer! But said that it perhaps wasn’t the most fun car to drive and some may find it a bit bulky for town and city driving.

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9. Mercedes A Class

The gorgeous Mercedes A Class came in at 9thplace in the popular diesel cars sold at CarShop in 2018.

This premium hatchback is not only draped in style, it’s also got reliable German engineering for your peace of mind and if you pick the A180d model, you can achieve up to 80.7mpg! So, you won’t be worrying about the pennies at the pumps too.

It’s well equipped as well. The 2017 Mercedes entry level trim, SE, comes with a reversing camera, 16” alloys and cruise control!

We polled some Mercedes A Class owners on what they thought about their car. Many of them said they loved the speed and the enjoyment of the drive, but some thought the SatNav could be improved a touch.

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8. Ford Fiesta

At 8th place – the Ford Fiesta!

Not only did it top the most popular small cars blog, it has remained popular for younger drivers and town drivers for years – it has a great pedigree!

For great fuel performance, look out for Fiestas with the 1.5 TDCi engine. This can achieve up to 88.3mpg combined, and if you get a model that was registered before 2017, a lot of them are likely to be £0 to tax.

We polled some Fiesta owners on what they loved about their car. Some said that they loved the heated front windscreen and found it easy to drive. But some felt like it needed a bigger boot.

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7. Audi A3

At number 7 was the Audi A3!

This stylish premium hatchback proved popular with many customers at CarShop in 2018. And if you go for the 2.0L TDI model, then you might find it even friendlier as it will get up to 64.2mpg on average!

Generally speaking, you’ll find handy extras on the lowest SE trim too. Features like cruise control and Bluetooth on the 2017 models, and if you go for the S-Line trim, you’ll be cruising in style wherever you go.

We polled some Audi A3 owners. They said that they loved how it looked and its reliability, but wanted a few more extras on it.

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6. BMW 3 Series

Number 6 in our top 10 goes to the BMW 3 Series.

This gorgeous piece of German engineering is a favourite for many for the commute, and it’s easy to see why.

On the entry level trim you can expect to find Bluetooth and DAB radio, and on the 2017 model – SatNav! As you move up the trims you can cater to your style with the M Sport trim, the M Sport shadow edition and Luxury.

If you opt for the 320d Efficient Dynamics Plus, you may be able to achieve a cracking 72.4mpg on average, and if you get a model that is registered before 2017, then it’s likely to be very affordable in terms of tax too!

Our 3 Series owners said that they loved the BMW’s reliability, and enjoyed the comfort it had to offer, but thought the position of the cup holder was a little odd.

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5. BMW 1 Series

A little more popular than its big brother, the 1 Series comes in at number 5.

The hatchback is great for the town and adds style and a premium feel for the everyday errands.

On the entry level trim, you can find the likes of DAB radio, Bluetooth and USB connectivity on certain models and if you go up to M Sport, then you’ll get added style, finesse and funky alloys.

And it’s not too bad on your pocket either. This diesel delight has a multitude of engines to choose from. But if you pick the 116d EfficientDynamics Plus model then you can achieve up to 83.1mpg on average, and if it was registered before 2017, it might even be £0 to tax!

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4. Vauxhall Insignia

Taking the number 4 spot in our most popular diesel list was none other than the Vauxhall Insignia.

Although the Insignia is classed as a hatchback, the smooth shape and great interior room (along with its big boot) means it is great for commutes and families too.

If you do a little shopping around, then there are a variety of engines you can find on the used market – both petrol and diesel – but if you’re penny conscious then we recommend the 2.0 CDTi ecoFLEX version. This can achieve up to 76.3mpg on average!

The Vauxhall Insignia owners said that they loved how comfortable and economical it is, but want automatically updated maps on their SatNavs.

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3. Ford Focus

Coming out on top over its sibling, the Fiesta, the Ford Focus took 3rd place!

And it’s clear to see why. The Focus has more room than the Fiesta, but still the same cutting-edge styling. Plus, the entry level trim – Zetec – is equipped with plenty of extras so you don’t have to pay too much to get all the equipment you want.

It’s worth noting that Fords are known for their efficient EcoBoost engines. These are small turbocharged engines, which gives the car more power, with less of the weight and greater fuel efficiency too!

But if we were to pick an engine for the Focus if we were looking after the pennies, we would opt for the 1.5 TDCi 105 ECOnetic engine as it gets up to a whopping 83.1mpg on average. The best part is, if you were to choose a model which was registered before the 1st April 2017, then you are likely to pay £0 in road tax too!

Read more about tax bands.

Our Focus owners said they liked that it was comfortable and easy to drive, but similarly to the Insignia, they wanted easier SatNav updates.

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Nissan Qashqai

In at number 2 is the only other SUV that has the pride of being on this list – the Nissan Qashqai.

The Qashqai also made it on to our most popular SUV blog – so it’s good all over the board!

The 1.5 dCi engine is the one we would choose for efficiency as it can achieve up to 74.3mpg on average, and like many of the cars above, if you choose a model which was registered before April 2017, it may be eligible for £0, £20, or just £30 road tax!

Be mindful that the engine has been refined over the years, so you may find that later models have better MPG compared to older ones.

If you go for the entry level trim, the Visia, you can find extras like Bluetooth and AUX, but if you look a little further up at the Tekna trim then you can enjoy SatNav and DAB too!

The Nissan Qashqai owners we polled said they liked the space and reliability it had to offer, and that it was packed full of tech too. But, would like a bit more internal comfort overall.

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Volkswagen Golf

The Golf came out on top!

This was the most bought diesel car in CarShop in 2018!

When it comes to choosing a diesel version of the Golf and you’re looking for value for money, then we would recommend you opt for the 1.6 TDi 110 Bluemotion engine. This can achieve up to 88.3mpg on average, and if you get a model which was registered before the 1st April 2017, then you may even find that it’s £0 to tax too!

It’s worth noting that the 105 version (1.6 TDi 105) engine still gets a massive 74mpg, and it might be due to this range of fuel efficient cars that made the Golf win the title of most popular diesel car in CarShop 2018.

But if you’re looking for more of a performance diesel, why not check out the GTD? The 2.0 TDi diesel engine can produce a massive 184bhp, and some models can even couple that with over 60mpg!

The Golf also has options if you’re not after a hatchback too. The estate has plenty of room for the commute or the family, and the coupe version is great for those summer drives – so there’s loads to choose from!

The Volkswagen has a lot up its sleeve when it comes to trims and extras too. The entry level trim, the S, comes with DAB, and one step up the SE or Match trim lets you enjoy cruise control and parking sensors too!

The Golf owners we polled said that it was easy to drive and was comfortable, but would perhaps like a little more room in the boot when it came to the hatchback.

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