Paperwork When You Buy A Car

Paperwork When You Buy A Car

We like to keep things as simple as we can at CarShop – so, when it comes to getting you and your new car on the road, we’ll try to take as much of the hassle as possible out of completing the necessary paperwork. We’ll be on hand to talk you through the process, of course, but we know that many of our customers like to know in advance what documents they’ll be dealing with. So here are some of the key pieces of paperwork that we’ll ask you to take a look at when you buy a car from us.

When you agree to buy a car…


This contains all of the vehicle’s details, as well as information about any additional products purchased, any contribution from part exchange and the total price you’ll pay. We’ll ask you to sign and initial two copies of the order; one for us, and one for your records.

‘Thank you for buying’ information envelope

On this envelope, you’ll find everything you need to know about what’ll happen between your order and the final handover. It also provides guidance on the documents we’ll need you to get together for your hand over (e.g. proof of identity, settlement letter for any outstanding finance agreements, etc.).

Insurance product paperwork

Customers considering insurance products are now protected by the FCA. To ensure you purchase the policy that’s right for you, we’ll ask you to complete a short questionnaire that allows us to understand your needs, the cover you currently have and how you intend to use your car. This allows us to make some recommendations for you to consider.

A copy of this questionnaire and the corresponding recommendations will then be given to you. There are also ‘Key Facts’ sheets for you to take away, which give you all the information you’ll need regarding these products.

At the final handover…


As you’d expect, here’s where we’ll hand over an invoice for your new car. Again, you’ll need to sign two copies – one for you, and one for us.

‘90 Day Warranty’ sheet

This outlines the full terms of the 90-day warranty, which applies to every car we sell. In addition, your chosen car may come with the remaining balance of its manufacturer’s warranty, or you may have purchased an extended warranty one from us.

‘Vehicle Handover Experience’ sheet

Our Handover Advisors use a dedicated checklist to ensure that they cover all the bases during your handover; after all, we wouldn’t want you leaving with any question marks hanging over your head! Thanks to the Vehicle Handover Experience’ sheet, you can be 100% confident that everything’s properly in place for you to start enjoying your new car.

Insurance products terms & conditions booklet

If you’ve chosen any of our insurance products then you’ll be given a terms & conditions booklet as well as a policy schedule.

Handover wallet

Lastly, we’ll give you a handy wallet to keep everything together when you get home.

If you want to part exchange a car or have taken advantage of one of our finance deals you’ll also be asked to review and complete some additional paperwork relating to these items – more information below.

Part exchanging?

We’ll complete an appraisal of your car when we value it. This contains the information that you’ve given us to help us value the car for you; all you need to do is check through to make sure we’ve got the information correct and sign it.

If you have a cherished registration number on your part exchange and you wish to transfer it to your new car we have all the documentation on site to be able to send an application to the DVLA on your behalf.

When it comes to handover, there will be a purchase invoice where we buy your current car from you. You may also need to bring a settlement letter if you have current finance that we’re taking care of as part of your package.

Also, we’ll give you the form to send to the DVLA to get a refund for any unused tax on your current car. Other than that, all we need are the documents that we’ve used to value your car.

What if you’re taking finance?

If you’re taking finance through us then our team will work with you to make the whole process as hassle-free as possible. At the point of order, we’ll go through an electronic proposal with you that should only take a few minutes to complete. Alternatively, you can pre-approve your car finance through our website before your visit.

Customers are now protected by the Consumer Credit Directive. This means that there are now a couple more documents to complete within the finance process, but these are designed to ensure that you fully understand your finance agreement before you sign it, and also that the agreement is right for you. Our team are SAF trained to ensure they understand all these documents and can explain them to you.

If you’ve got any questions at any point along the way, then just speak to one of our advisors – we’re always happy to help.

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