The 8 most popular hatchbacks

The 8 most popular hatchbacks

Hatchbacks are versatile cars which have a big boot that’s easily accessible (and opens upwards). They make great town run-arounds as well as family cars, and are versatile for a wide range of lifestyles.

Hatchbacks are usually the most popular cars in the UK – the Ford Fiesta tends to come up at the top of the most sold car in the UK each year, and it has reigned supreme for the past few years.

We’ve got the top 8 hatchbacks which were sold at CarShop here,, so now you know they’re popular, but which one is right for you?

Ford Fiesta

Coming in at the most popular hatchback sold at CarShop in 2018 – the Ford Fiesta! You guessed it, the UKs most popular car was also the most popular car sold at CarShop.

There’s a few reasons why the Fiesta has dominated the hatchback popularity list over the years… we won’t go through all of them but to give you a taste:

·        A vast range of engines that will suit every lifestyle, from the economical to the ST!

·        Style – for a town run around, doesn’t it just look gorgeous?

·        Reliability – Ford is a well-known name, and the Fiesta throughout the years has performed well in terms of reliability!

·        It’s surprisingly spacious inside for the family, without being too bulky for the town.

·        It’s a favourite for first cars.

But with so many variations for the Fiesta, it can be hard to choose which model will be perfect for you – so take a look and decide for yourself.

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Volkswagen Golf

In at number 2 is the Volkswagen Golf.

Argued to be the hottest of the hot hatchbacks, the Golf appeals to families as well as younger drivers and everything in-between. Like the Fiesta, the Golf has plenty to shout about as to why it is so popular.

The range is a big factor. Not only can you choose from a wide range of engine sizes for power, performance and economy, the Golf is also available as a diesel, petrol and hybrid car.

You also get a lot of room in the back and the boot without compromising on style. And speaking of style, if that’s what you’re after then be sure to check out the GT editions of the Golf – they look gorgeous!

The Golf handles really well too, and with that pedigree that is German engineering and reliability, it’s a big hit across the board.

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Ford Focus

Not straying too far away, at number 3 we have another Ford - the Focus!

Since it is a Ford, you get a similar range of engines. So there’s something for everyone whether you want a motor with great fuel economy (many on the used market get over 80mpg!) or are looking for a bit of bite under the bonnet.

It also provides great value for money. Admittedly it’s not the cheapest hatchback on the used market, but you get peace of mind with reliability, even more room than the Fiesta can offer and tends to be pretty well equipped. Plus, it’s still a pretty affordable hatchback.

Oh, and did we mention – it looks superb too. You can even get an ST model which not only has a little more power, it also has a few more stylish features too.

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Vauxhall Corsa

Before the Ford Fiesta reigned supreme, the most popular car in the UK was the Vauxhall Corsa.

With manufacturing for the Corsa starting way back in 1982, this hatchback has a lot of history behind its wheels, and with every update, the car has only improved. Whatever kind of engine you're after, the Corsa is sure to have it - with some models getting over 80mpg.

The Corsa also comes with surprising features for a small town run around, it may be one of the most well-equipped hatchbacks. Across various models, you'll find:

·        Cruise control - helping to make long journeys even more comfortable

·        Vauxhall On Star - your personal assistant, with crash response, vehicle diagnostics and roadside assistance

·        Heated front seats - for warmth on those chilly nights

·        Rear and front parking sensors - to take the stress out of squeezing into tight spots

·        USB and Bluetooth connectivity - letting you connect your smartphone and other devices

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Vauxhall Astra

The Vauxhall Astra is another hatchback that tends to make top 10 lists all over.

More recently, Vauxhalls across the board have been better equipped with the likes of heated seats on some lower spec models, and as you go up the trims, it only gets better!

With a roomy boot for the weekly shop and the kid’s luggage, it’s a great car for the everyday errands, and there is plenty of choice if you’re looking after the pennies too. On the used market, you can find models pre-2017 that are £0 to tax for the entire year, and can achieve over 80mpg too!

The Vauxhall Insignia is also worth a look! This hatchback/saloon (we like to call it a saloony hatchback) was first produced in 2008, and as a result, there is a wide range of models on the used market. Since it is somewhat of a cross between a saloon and a hatchback, you get a little more room for your money, and a little more sophistication too.

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BMW 1 Series

If you want a little more sophistication and a lot of style in a practical family hatchback, then check out the BMW 1 Series.

You’ll find models on the used market which are well equipped too. It may be worth keeping an eye out for BMW iDrive system if you’re all about entertainment on the move, but that’s not to say that there isn’t a lot more that the 1 Series has to offer. You may find Sat Nav, Bluetooth, park assist and loads more!

You can choose between front and rear wheel drive options, as well as petrol and diesel models (and you can get automatic or manual transmission too) so you’ll be able to find the perfect 1 Series for your lifestyle.

If you are doing a fair few miles and are conscious about the pennies at the pumps, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised with what you can find – some 1 Series’ on the used market can achieve over 80mpg on average!

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Audi A3

Another candidate for a hatchback with a little more elegance and class is the Audi A3!

The great thing about the A3 is that you get a little more boot room than you would think, particularly in the 4 door models. This is great if you have the kids in the back with all their luggage.

It also handles the road really well, and has a very comfortable drive, which means you can take on the school run as easily as motorway miles. And if you’re looking for a little more attitude, why not check out the S Line models or the Sportback.

The great thing about the A3 is that hybrid versions are starting to appear on the used market. These models can achieve over 170mpg!

But if you wanted to stick to straight diesel and petrol engines, then there are plenty on the used market with great fuel economy too – over 80mpg!

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Mercedes-Benz A Class

If you’re after a lot of tech, superior build quality and immense style, then check out the A Class.

You’ll find a vast range of MPG figures on the used market depending on the model. Some like the A180d can achieve over 80mpg, so you can spend more time behind the wheel and less time at the fuel station!

But if you’d rather have a hatchback with a bit of bite under the bonnet, then the A Class has an answer for that too. Some A45 models have a whopping 381bhp under the bonnet and get from 0-60mph in just 4 seconds.

And of course, since it’s a Mercedes, you know it will be lavished with tech and comfort features to make every drive absolutely amazing.

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